Beginners Yoga Course

6 week yoga course for beginners
18.30-19:30 on Sundays
Starting on Sunday 1st March

About the course:
This introduction course is designed for yoga beginners. Over the six week course we will cover the main yoga poses including warm up exercises, sun salutations, seated exercises and even some basic partnerwork. The course will introduce and develop the basics of alignment and relaxation exercises used in the practice. Each class will weave the physical practice with a philosophical theme to help you to find yoga as a 'whole person' practice in a way that works for you. Starting yoga is understood to be a journey on which each person finds their own path and this course is designed to help you to make a start.

About the teacher:
Chris Boyer is registered as an experienced yoga teacher, a qualified personal trainer and licensed physiotherapist. He has been teaching students of all levels and backgrounds for over 10 years. He is known for his warm and friendly teaching style. Chris is fluent in both Swedish and English.

1200 kr
950 kr stud/sen/sjukskr.

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